A Contrarian Approach to the Highland Games - Full Package

A Contrarian Approach to the Highland Games - Full Package

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Package Contains:
- Contrarian Approach DVD
- Contrarian Approach Companion Book

We’ve taken all of the “stuff” we used to achieve World Championships, field and world records, and countless podium finishes…and we’ve laid it all out for you in a DVD and companion book.

We’ve been throwing things around for the last 22 years or so, and we’ve traveled all over the US and world competing, training, learning, and teaching about throwing.  And from our training experiences and because of some really great mentors, we tend to approach throwing a little different than mainstream.

We’ve taken all we’ve learned in our 44+ years of combined throwing experience and have stuffed it into a how-to DVD and a companion book.  Together, these contain literally everything we know about throwing, competing, practicing, recovering, nutrition, weightlifting, and anything else we felt was important to our success. We’ve included drills, technical cues, basic training principles, and practice secrets that we used to gain world records, championship titles, and podium finishes for years.  

We break each event down step by step and show you how to find a technique that will work for you.  We show you the basics that must be mastered, and then illustrate various drills we used to accentuate concepts, rhythms, and technical components critical to success.  And we explain how to put it all together with the right practice principles and weightlifting concepts – you can match the strength, the timing, and the competitive edge.

Our goal for this video and the companion book is to give you the tools to find your throw.  There’s no one technique that will work for everyone,  but there is one technique that will optimize your throws. The trick is not only finding that elusive technique, but also matching it with the strength, speed, and competitive edge to be a champion.  With that in mind, we’ve mined our video library, journals, and training records and have packed this video with the concepts and lessons that it took us literally decades of throwing to figure out.  These are the tools that we used to uncover our technique.  We hope that by sharing these ideas and rules that worked so well for us, you can enjoy the satisfaction of personal victory that brought us so much enjoyment.

Best of luck on your journey.
Mike and Mindy Pockoski